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Новости и события в Украине.

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1 Моторное масло, авто масло для грузовых, легковых автомобилей, автобусов. Купить в Киеве, Харькове,Крыму, Днепропетровске, Одессе, Донецке, Запорожье, Львове, Украине. Характеристики, отзывы наличие!Самая низкая цена!
2 Магазин детской одежды, детские вещи, термобелье Craft, роликовые кроссовки Heelys, самокаты Micro, купить в Киев, Харьков, Одесса, Донецк, Днепропетровск, Полтава, Запорожье, Луганск, Херсон, Кировоград, Чернигов. Самые низкие цены, наличие, гарантия, оп
3 В Аргентине нашли кости самого большого динозавра: длиной в 40 метров и весом под 80 тонн
4 Интересные факты про глаза
5 Мощное землетрясение произошло в Канаде
6 Крупнейшая ветроэлектростанция страны введена в эксплуатацию в Запорожской области
7 Американец поймал на удочку гигантскую акулу и накормил ею около 200 соседей
8 Какие очки лучше защищают от солнца
9 Смех позволяет укрепить память
10 Как победить сонливость по утрам
11 Температура в офисе сильно влияет на работоспособность
12 22 апреля - Международный День Земли
13 Чем полезна гимнастика для глаз
14 Медики рассказали о ситуации с гриппом
15 Украинцев проверят на рак кожи
16 Как питаться на работе
17 Самостоятельный монтаж стальных труб для скважен
18 Что нужно знать о молочной продукции
19 Еда на ночь полезна для сна
20 Золотые правила: как нужно пить воду Источник:
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LATROBE, Pa. (AP) The catharsis came inside a crowded restaurant on that raucous Friday night in late April when James Conner picked up the phone and Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin was on the other end telling Conner he was about to be selected in the third round of the NFL draft. Heath Miller Jerseys That's when the tears came. That's when Conner took a deep breath and celebrated the final steps in his draining journey from marginal college prospect to record-setting running back to cancer patient to the highest level of his chosen profession.There were no tears when Conner arrived at Saint Vincent College on Thursday to start training camp. No moment in the dorm room he's sharing with second-round pick Juju Smith-Schuster to Antonio Brown Jerseys think about just how far he's come.If Conner is being honest. He's ready to move on. While his spirited and ultimately one-sided battle with lymphoma in 2015 and 2016 turned the former Pitt star into a role model, made (hash)ConnerStrong very much a thing and turned his No. 30 Steelers jersey into a hot seller before he even signed his contract now he sees himself as just another rookie trying to make it."There's no emotion (about) being a cancer survivor and everything," Conner said Friday as the Steelers opened camp. "I'm a good football player. All the emotional part, `Oh wow, I'm in the NFL,' that's all behind me."The 22-year-old is only focused on what's ahead, namely trying to get a firm grasp of the intricacies of offensive coordinator Todd Haley's playbook and developing a rapport with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. With Pro Bowler Le'Veon Bell yet to sign his franchise tag-tender and report to camp, Conner and former Ryan Shazier Jerseys Kansas City Chiefs backup Knile Davis find themselves splitting Ben Roethlisberger Jerseys carries with the starters.Conner understands he's not Bell. Then again, neither is anyone else in the NFL."He set the bar, he definitely set the bar high with his receiving and his running ability and his pass blocking, in every category to me he's the best running back in the Le'Veon Bell Jerseys game," Conner said. "I've got to get in a rhythm. It'll give me an opportunity to work with Ben a little bit so there's no drop-off in the rhythm when Bell comes out of the game.